Security at Your Fingertips.

Guardopolis is a software-as-a service platform allowing clients to request on-demand security personnel or schedule reoccurring services for your residential, multi-family or commercial properties, 24/7.

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Delivering Security On Demand

Guardopolis is an on-demand security platform connecting licensed security agents with residential, multi-family and commercial real estate communities.

We are experts in security management and service innovation, Guardopolis facilitates security services by carefully connecting vetted security companies with clients while managing the entire security lifecycle ensuring a seamless response during a critical moment.

Our 24/7 security mission is technology driven while user-centric delivering a safe and effective security approach to residential, multi-family and commercial real estate communities worldwide.

The Guardopolis Customer App

Our platform is customer service centric while risk management focused to ensure a seamless security ecosystem for your community. We connect carefully vetted security companies to owners and managers of residential, multi-family, construction, and commercial real estate assets. The platform is fully customizable to meet any budgetary requirements, specific security requests, and geographic locations.

Step 1: Create an account. The account administrator must be the owner, manager, or authorized legal representative of the property.

Step 2: Load your secure digital wallet based on the desired monthly security budget.

Step 3: A unique 6-digit PIN is generated. This PIN can be distributed to the executive team, on-site management, or residents.

Step 4: Download the App, enter the PIN and Request Security Services.

Request an Officer

Guardopolis allows you to request an officer directly from the app at any time. We offer multiple levels of service, giving you the option to choose what you feel is best.

Seamless Checkout

We make the checkout process simple. We only ask for the information we need to carry out the task, such as your name, phone number, the address, and the start and end times.

Detailed Officer Information

After checkout, you’ll immediately receive detailed information about the officer you booked, plus you’ll have the ability to contact them directly.

Text Confirmation

No need to grab a pen and paper. We will send you a text message confirming all the specifics.

Completed Task Confirmation

Once the task is complete, you’ll be notified that the officer’s watch has come to an end with a service review of the task completed.

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What Are You Waiting For?

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The Guardopolis Agent App

Become a Guardopolis Security Agent today by partnering with us to help secure residential, multi-family, construction and commercial real estate clients in your area.

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Guardopolis Partners Receive:

Streamlined Operations

You can see how much you’ve made anytime, track service calls, monitor security personnel, review reports, and much more.

Competitive Advantage

The app offers the latest in security innovation to help you become a market leader while focusing on driving revenue and profits.

Mission Support

We’ll explain how to use the app, provide on-site training and unlimited customer support.

Maximize Profits

You will earn the industry’s highest-margin revenue by using pre-existing resources and without any sales, financial, operational or customer service headaches.

Immediate Cash Flow

Get paid instantly for the services provided.

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